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Creepypasta Fandom Problems
Oh man, I’ve noticed so many problems in the Creepypasta fandom, so I’m going to outline everything (that I can) here. I used to have a short(ish) video for it, but I had to take it down for reasons that I will not discuss. If you ask, you are going to be ignored unless you are someone on here I trust. (That list is very, very short.) If you’re going to comment on this, for the love of everything, read the whole journal first, otherwise you just look stupid, especially when what you say is false/a misunderstanding of what I wrote/stupid/etc.
I’ll warn you now, this is very long.
The biggest problem I find in this fandom is a huge lack of respect. You’re going to see this show up, because it pops up everywhere.
The first thing I'm going to say is people have really, really forgotten what this fandom is supposed to be. It's become a cute thing with too much shipping and sexual content. It's fine
:iconrebelmyth:RebelMyth 170 476
Creepypasta Fandom
A lot of people are asking; why exactly are people leaving the Creepypasta fandom? The Creepypasta fandom is large and vast. Most are brought into here by Slender or Jeff. I could say Jeff was my first Creepypasta but truly my first was the Bunnyman. But I digress, the reason people are leaving is pretty simple because when you think about it's being killed by some simple stuff that easily kills fandoms. When this kind of thing happens you often wonder and think about it watching it eventually fade away. When some people are simply growing out of the fandom others  are leaving it for reasons that people can agree with. That also goes to things that can effect other fandoms; growing out of it is one of the biggest things. Remember when Spongebob was the biggest show on the planet? Or when everybody every time you asked what time it was they blurted out "ADVENTURE TIME!". Most of the time people just grew out of it, but the death or maybe eventual end to the Creepypasta fandom is co
:iconslothulu:Slothulu 15 49
Creepypasta Fanfics: What The Hell!?
If you feel that you will dislike my opinions lease leave.
Okay, in my last journal entry a few minutes ago, I told you guys I'd make a fan art of Marzia. But then, I magically got lazy, and ended up reading some creepypasta stories. Well...
"Creepypasta 30 minutes in heaven"
Oh God, another one. Let's see how creative these people get when it comes to fantasizing about murderers.
Yeah, yeah. Usual Jeff and Ben shiat. Disgusting lemons. (I'm sorry, I'm just really disgusted by smut. And for some crappy curiosity I still read these... )
Pretty much fukked up grammar, at least I can understand it...somehow.
The person's OC.
Ticci Toby. (But I thought Kastoway said-)
Kagekao (I'm not even gonna say it anymore)
Clocky (People just DON'T respect the owners, don't they?)

Wait- S...*Squints eyes* SALLY!?
What. What the fukk. I don't-...
:iconchaoticartztuff:ChaoticArtztuff 1 5
Mr. Holmes or On the Struggles of Human Mortality

“Mr. Holmes,” or, On the Struggles of Human Mortality
:iconireneadler76: IreneAdler76
:iconackeibler: ackeibler
Outstanding in the Field
The upcoming film Mr. Holmes, based on the novel “A Slight Trick of the Mind” by Mitch Cullin, is about a 93 year old Sherlock Holmes who is in the process of writing his story and piecing together events from a 30 year old case that he feels is unfinished.  In the midst of these endeavors Holmes is also trying to solve the mysteries of human
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The Monster Painter
    My name is Ingrid Ramirez, and today on this frozen, storming January day, I was standing before the coffin that contained my son, Alfie Ramirez. The coffin had a wooden, polished finish with flowers placed on top of the lid, like it would help hide the truth on why my son’s coffin had to be closed. It didn’t help; I knew exactly why his coffin was closed. It was an image that I would never be able to forget for the rest of my days. My son was murdered; torn apart by someone, or something, from head to toe. It took the coroner 2 hours to find every piece that he could of my Alfie…
    Held tight between my breasts was Alfie’s video camera; it’s all I will ever have of my son. The Police gave me the camera hours after they informed me of Alfie’s murder, since they could find no evidence on it. They still could not answer why Alfie had brought the camera with him if he did not record anything…
    Time went aroun
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So here I am working on my essay and portfolio for uni, and I'm seeing all this stuff about a deviant hacker, yet no evidence to support the reality of these claims. Generally, it comes across as 'copypasta'.

In other words its spam, like the chainletters of old. At least Victor Surge tried to be plausible when he made Slenderman. Come on people, do your research.


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Kieran Stott
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
I am writer of science fiction, horror, fantasy and crime. I also love creepypasta, would love to one day make my own iconic monster. I'm much of a drawer, but if you're an avid reader, then I hope you enjoy what I write.


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